Prelit Douglas Fir Tree (Full LED)

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Molded from a live Pseudotsuga menziesii, this is the world's most realistic Douglas Fir, meticulously strung with the best LED lights.

Unrivaled Realism
This tree includes three-dimensional, injection-molded branch tips that replicate the exact growth patterns, cascading branches, and fine, soft green needles of a freshly cut Douglas Fir. The tree has 40% more branch tips than typical trees, creating a fuller, more natural looking tree that can easily support large ornaments. The inner branches and trunk are lined with broad fibers to bolster the conifer's fullness, a material overused by lesser trees. The longer branches are made of 20-gauge memory wire, eliminating the need for additional shaping.

The Best Lights
The World's Best Prelit Douglas Fir tree has LEDs that last 25,000 hours--8X longer than typical incandescents while consuming 98% less power. LED lights produce the same traditional warm glow, and if an incandescent bulb is broken or burns out, patented technology ensures that the rest of the strand remains illuminated, backed by The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee. White or multicolored lights. Includes metal stand.

  • 6 1/2' Douglas Fir. Full Width. 800 LED lights and 2,162 tips. 57" Diam. (62 lbs.)
  • 7 1/2' Douglas Fir. Full Width. 1,200 LED lights and 3,070 tips. 65" Diam. (88 lbs.)
  • 8 1/2' Douglas Fir. Full Width. 1,400 LED lights and 4,288 tips. 75" Diam. (100 lbs.)
  • 9 1/2' Douglas Fir. Full Width. 1,600 LED lights and 5,728 tips. 82" Diam. (127 lbs.)
  • 12' Douglas Fir. Full Width. 2,000 LED lights and 7,944 tips. 88" Diam. (210 lbs.)