The Illuminated Inflatable Graveyard

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This three-piece inflatable graveyard welcomes trick-or-treaters with macabre merriment. Made from durable weatherproof nylon and illuminated with 15 integrated LEDs, the inflatables create an ominous potter’s field or family plot in one’s front yard. A bat-mounted monument towers 8' over the burial grounds while a nearby grim reaper perched on a headstone watches for mask-wearing miscreants and grave-robbing reprobates to pull into his eternal domain. Six adjacent tombstones marked with grave warnings and ghostly epitaphs form a third inflatable that completes the morbid motif. Includes 14 PVC stakes to ensure stability and prevent weather-related desecration. Inflates in two minutes with built-in air pumps. The adjoining power cord provides 70 3/4" of slack in between each unit and plugs into AC. Bat monument 32" W x 32" D x 96" H; Grim reaper tombstone 30" W x 18" D x 72" H; Six-headstone unit 90" W x 13" D x 53" H. (7 lbs.)