The 8 Foot Creepy Crawler

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An 8'-tall inflatable arachnid that creeps up and down a home’s exterior, this animated tarantula suspends from an included 3' long cord—emblematic of a spider’s sticky silk fibre—that enables it to descend and ascend in either direction over 2 1/2'. A built-in 14.4-watt air blower inflates the creature, providing constant inflation to keep the predatory arthropod’s eight orange and black legs spread to either side, demanding visitors’ attention. Integrated LEDs in the eyes, abdomen, and thorax produce an ominous glow that strikes fear into arachnophobes and backyard bugs alike. Made from light, yet durable polyester and PVC, it folds to 10" L x 10" W x 10" D for convenient storage. Plugs into AC with 16 1/4'-long adapter. 96" L x 80" W x 85" H. (3 lbs.)